Sacred Drumming Weekly Circle

Jan 06th-Mar 16th 2020, 08:00 PM
Ashland, Oregon

Learn to play the frame drum in a supportive circle of women. This series is for those brand new to the ancient/modern cross-cultural phenomena of frame drumming. The frame drum is one of humanities oldest, most simple and..most powerful instruments. Frame drums are provided.

Monday evening circles are for begining drummers

No musical or drumming experience required

Frame drums will be provided


Space is limited. Sign up for the workshop today!

This three month weekly series is for women brand new to playing the frame drum. Learn the basic playing strokes on the frame drum connected to the elements in both the lap style and upright playing positions.

    Sacred drumming is a simple and yet powerful practice that is healing, meditative and fun.

    Some of what you will experience through the practice of Sacred Drumming:

    • Develop a solid drumming practice through weekly immersion into the ancient feminine practice of frame drumming
    • Learn and refine the strokes and playing techniques on the frame drum
    • Discover the wide array of sounds and tonalities that can be created on this very accessible, yet powerful instrument
    • Join in community
    • Explore the ancient historical lineage of woman drummers, shamans, priestesses and Melissae connected to the frame drum from the ancient Mediterranean cultures and beyond.
    • Be a part of the modern day renaissance of a powerful rhythmic lineage that is open to all ages and stages of life!


    Bookings are closed for this event.

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