July 24th-27th 2020


Sacred Drumming is an ancient/modern cross-cultural phenomenon.
Most every culture across time and over continents creates and plays a sacred drum.

In ancient times women were the original custodians of the drum.

In this workshop, women will learn the foundations of playing the hand held frame drum along with the history, mythology, and ancient lore connected to the sacred drum.

This workshop is open to all levels, and beginners are especially encouraged to come!

✴︎No experience necessary

~Frame drums provided~

Space is limited. Sign up for the workshop today!

Learn Frame Drumming

in a supportive circle of women

Frame Drumming is experiencing a worldwide resurrgence due to it’s ability to help people create healing, balance and connection.

  • Learn – The basic strokes on the frame drum connected to the elements ~ Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space
  • Discover – The healing power of being in rhythm
  • Experience – connection, enjoyment and ceremony with the aid of the drum
Explore the mythic lands of Avalon…

Said to be the “Heart Chakra of the Earth

You will be staying in easy walking distace from the historical sites of the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey, The Chalice Well, the sacred waters of the red and white springs and the Glastonbury Tor.

Modern research studies are now proving what people globally discovered long, long ago…

Drumming and being in rhythm creates a cascade of benefits for a player’s mind, mood and immunity, both while playing individually, and especially while playing in community.

“Krista’s ability to demonstrate, entrain and teach the drum without ever losing touch with the sacred, ancient roots of the practice is a true gift. Her class is part of the voice of the ancestress, calling us home to the powerful mystery of belonging to an endless lineage of holy women and mothers.”
Jumana Sophia
Founder ~ Her Mystery School

Discover Sacred Drumming with Teacher and Guide Krista Holland

Krista Holland is a teacher of both Sacred Drumming. and full-spectrum Yoga. She began her pursuit of the drum as a young adult studying drum set, world drumming and percussion with master drummers in private, workshop and academic settings. In 1995 Krista met her mentor and teacher Layne Redmond, author of “When the Drummers Were Women”. Krista apprenticed herself to Layne and her prolific teachings of the frame drum, ritual, myth and ancient feminine drum history at every opportunity, until Layne’s passing in 2014. With Layne’s encouragement and blessing she began teaching and sharing her love of the fame drum in 2007. Krista is known for her innovative and avant-garde playing style and her powerfully transformative teaching of both Sacred Drumming and Yoga.

It was only quite recently discovered that the frame drum was played predominately by women, in ancient times.

A diverse array of images depicting a woman, priestess, or Goddess holding or playing a frame drum have been found in the form of relief, hieroglyph, clay sculpture and pottery, vase painting, and votive offerings.

The numerous artifacts showing women drummers have been unearthed from archeological digs and within ancient funerary goods. They have been found hiding in plain sight in countless museums and private art collections throughout the world.

The vast breadth and depth of the ancient feminine drumming tradition are now finally coming back to light.

Women the world over are reclaiming the sacred drum as a tool for remembrance and connection with the Divine Feminine, the rhythms of nature, and their own essence.

The drum takes us on a journey into the rhythmic and aural roots of some of humanities oldest spiritual ceremonies, rituals and ecstatic mysteries.
The Sacred Drum connects back to a mythical line of priestesses, Melissae and oracles who utilized the frame drum in their literguries and rites of passage
Drumming reminds us of the natural life tempos that keep the earth, plants, animals, seasons and the cosmos in within harmonious rhythmic cycles.
Come join us and learn to play the Sacred Drum!


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