Sacred Drumming is an ancient and thoroughly modern worldwide cross-cultural phenomenon

-Krista Holland

Photo credit: left and upper mddle; Layne Redmd Archives Upper right; Antonis Kelaidis Lower right; Sequoia Miller Photography

What is Sacred Drumming?
The frame drum is one of the worlds most ancient and sacred instruments played for health, connection and wellbeing. From the very beginnings of its inception the sacred drum has been played predominantly by women. All around the world women are returing to the heatbeat like rhythms of the sacred drum.
Ancient Herstory of Drumming
In the ancient world the drum was played by women and priestesses. Discover the fascinating history of feminine drumming
Supportive, Inclusive Community
Connect with other drummers through our online group and join us on retreat to be together and drum in circle.
Elemental Drum Strokes
Learn to play the frame drum through elemenal strokes ~ earth, water, fire, air & space
Rhythmic Meditation Practice
Drumming helps to synchronize the mind, heart, body, brain and soul leading to meditative flow states
Connect to Your Natural Rhythm
Every human gestates to the sound of their mother’s heartbeat. Learn to reconnect with your natural rhythm
Strengthen Your Brain
Drumming has been proven to strengthen the brain’s executive function and offers a host of other health beneifts .
Did you know that all over the world throughout history the drummers were women?
Or that the drum was once forbidden to women and for a very long time the ancient lineage of women drummers was forgotten?

Photo credit: Antonis Kelaidis

Women the world over, are now reclaiming the sacred drum

Learn the ancient art and modern science of frame drumming from your home
Your Online Training Includes
Six Modules to inspire you and engage you in learning the art and science of frame drumming
Learn – Frame Drumming Basics

This module will give you everything you need to begin learning how to play your sacred drum. All you need is a drum!

Explore – World Rhythms

Frame drumming is in a rennasiance around the world; There’s an amazing cross-pollination and fusion happening between cultures. Music is the universal language!

Study – The Herstory of Ancient Feminine Drumming

The ancient history of frame drumming is still relatively unknown and awe inspiring. Who knew there was such a widespread and pervasive practice of feminine drumming tradition around the world?

Discover – Drum Meditations

Drumming is a powerful way to focus the mind as well as connect to individual and cosmilogical rhtyhms.

Uncover – The Drumming Goddess of the ancient World

Who were the Goddess of the ancient world that were connected to the frame drum? Learn why the sacred drum was and is considered an insturment of feminine power.

Engage – The Romance of Practice

Learn how to romance yourself into a love for practice. Receive guidance on how to set up a saced space for your drumming. Plus tips, hints and secrets for honing your skills set!

The frame drum is considered one of the most simple and one of the most powerful instruments known to humankind. Most anyone can learn to play the frame drum and some will go on to connect with the drum as a potent instrument for invoking the sacred and transforming the mind
Krista Holland

About Your Instructor

Krista Holland is a teacher of both Sacred Drumming. and full-spectrum Yoga. She began her pursuit of the drum as a young adult studying drum set, world drumming and percussion with master drummers in private, workshop and academic settings. In 1995 Krista met her mentor and teacher Layne Redmond, author of “When the Drummers Were Women”. Krista apprenticed herself to Layne and her prolific teachings of the frame drum, ritual, myth and ancient feminine drum history at every opportunity, until Layne’s passing in 2014. With Layne’s encouragement and blessing she began teaching and sharing her love of the fame drum in 2007. Krista is known for her innovative and avant-garde playing style and her powerfully transformative teaching of both Sacred Drumming and Yoga. Krista is honored to invite and initiate women into the incredible artistry, practice and powerful feminine lineage of the Sacred Drum.

My name is Krista Holland teacher and guide of Sacred Drumming.

When I picked up the frame drum over 20 years ago I never could have imagined the amazing journey of depth and discovery the sacred drum would lead me on…

To the ancient Goddess temples of Greece…

To the high desert of New Mexico…
To scouring museums searching for images of women with the sacred drum from the ancient world as my teacher had done before me…
To leading circles of women in ritual and ceremony
To discovering the fascinating and mysterious connections between the ancient frame drummers, priestessess, oracles and the honeybees…
Since learning to play the frame drum I have been asked to drum for cancer patients in hospice, for pregnant mothers at their blessing ways. for grieving parents, for modern temple dancers, for trance journeys, for children at bedtime, and for a variety of other life passages, ceremonies and rituals.

This style of drumming is known for it’s incredible range – from dreamy lulaby-like softness to intense trance inducing power…

The Sacred Drum has been utilized around the world in rituals for healing and celebration for thousand upon thousands of years.

The drum has guided me and many others onto a path of mythic exploration.

And now I would be honored to pass on some of the magic I have recieved through the drum and from my own beloved teachers to you.

It is my sincere hope that the drum might offer you some of the healing, inspiration and rhythmic resonance that the sacred drum has bestowed upon me and countless others.

Reflections from Students
“Krista’s ability to demonstrate, entrain and teach the drum without ever losing touch with the sacred, ancient roots of the practice is a true gift. Her class is part of the voice of the ancestress, calling us home to the powerful mystery of belonging to an endless lineage of holy women and mothers.”
Jumana Sophia
Founder ~ Her Mystery School

“Krista Holland~historian, instructor, mentor, story-teller, spiritual-guide, community builder, and, frame drum teacher. I found your relaxed sharing style so rich in nourishing knowledge and exquisite drumming techniques. Your fingers dancing the beat, I felt I was listening to the transmission of arcane wisdom through “drum brushing” sounds of parchment pages turning inside the lost library of Alexandria as you de-coded & translated the alchemy of hidden treasures.
Your words – an art form
Your drumming – soul food
Your presence – heartfelt, timeless, spacious”
Elise Lockhart, M.ED
“I began a journey of healing, reuniting, honoring, remembering my inner feminine prior to the Sacred Drumming retreat but it was here that I finally began to feel ease and joy in the journey. She had been shoved into the shadows and the circle of this retreat created a safe space for her to step into the light.”

Marcella Bell

Author and yogini

I’m very grateful to have met Krista Holland and taken frame drumming lessons with her live, via Skype. After reading “When the Drummers were Women “ by Layne Redmond. I felt so inspired to play the frame!!! I was thrilled to discover Krista. Her way of teaching is simple, sacred, clear and with depth. Krista showed me to how to connect to the drumming path in a very satisfying and personal way on all levels, a way I had been longing for. She helped me to develop skills and confidence to facilitate Sacred Frame Drumming circles in my community here in a remote area on the far south coast of Australia. I love this!!
I feel so blessed to be living with this ancient, mysterious rhythmic thread which continues to weave and unravel its magic and beauty in and through me.

Lynne Bowman

Yogini and Sound therapist

“The delicious weave of knowledge, wisdom, playfulness and skill was a treat to be with. Krista is a bright light with much to share! I encourage anyone to check out her drumming class!
Shellee Rae
Spiritual Guide, Healer, Author
C.J. Thomas

The Priestessprenuer

Drumming is a humans birthright. Every one of us gestates to the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat ~ when we play the drum we return to our most primal rhythmic knowing and sense of belonging
-Krista Holland

There’s a good reason why most every culture around the world, throughout time, creates a sacred drum and why women of all ages and ethnicities around the world are reclaiming the drum.
Photo credit: upper left and right Layne Redmond Archives – Center: Sancha Demetriou Lower right: Meghan Frasheski
Modern research studies are now proving what people globally discovered long, long ago…
Drumming and being in rhythm creates a cascade of benefits for a player’s mind, mood and immunity, both while playing individually, and especially while playing in community.
Learn to play the frame drum and discover the benefits for yourself!
What will receive in this course:
Four stand alone modules (✴︎plus two bonus modules!)

Learn at your own pace from your own home

Simple yet in-depth instruction on the art and science of Sacred Drumming

Modules are delivered via video, PDF and slide presentation format to a private

16 weeks of content delivered over four months. Yours to download and keep forever.

Everything you need to know to begin your sacred drumming journey..

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to the Sacred Drum

  • Honoring and befriending your drum
  • Setting Intention
  • Creating Sacred space
  • Learn the 5 Basic Elemental Drum Strokes
  • Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space
  • Finger and Hand Warm-up routines
  • Frame drum techniques – learn the secret techniques of hand drumming
  • Basic frame drum patterns and rhythms to get you started in your connection to rhythm and sacred drumming

Introduction to the Sacred Drum

  • How to seduce yourself into a love for practice
  • Entrainment and focus
  •  Drum stroke combinations
  • odd time signatures
  • how to use a metronome app
  • Tips, hints and secret techniques for honing your hand drumming skill set!

World Rhythms

Sacred Drumming honors both the ancient origins and the modern innovations and cross-cultural connections happening in the global renaissance of frame druming aound the world.


  • Learn classical world rhythms and hand drum patterns
  • Gain an archive of classic hand drum rhythms from around the world that are yours to embody and can be adapted to most any style of hand drumming.
  • Learn World Rhythms
  • Music is the Universal language that creates cross-cultural conections

Drum Meditations

  • Seasonal, Elemental and Lunar Drum Meditations
  • Learn why drumming can be such an amazing form of meditation
  • Brain train your mind with the aid of the drum

✴︎✴︎Plus Two Bonus Modules!
Bonus Module: 1 The Feminine Herstory of Ancient Drumming
Bonus Module: 2 Drumming for Healing

  • The herstory of sacred drum in ceremony and ritual
  • Modern research study and science on the healing power of rhythm and drumming.
  • 4 LIVE Q&A Group calls (Can’t make the group calls? No problem! Recordings will be sent via email to watch later for those that can’t make the live call)
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with other drummers and to share inspirations, tips and make connections
  • When you sign up by 1/15/2020
  • You will recieve the bonus extra mini course on Mudras and Hand strengthening and rebalancing exercises
This course is for you if:
  • You have always wanted to play the drum or learn a new instrument
  • You have absolutely no musical or drumming experience, but would love to learn!
  • Are a seasoned drummer that would like to refine your drumming skill set
  • You enjoy learning in a relaxed but focused environment ie; hanging out with me (via pre-recorded videos) and your drum at your own home!
  • You are interested in the idea of learning the foundational practices of Sacred Drumming so that you can lead your own Sacred Drumming circles in your community one day…
  • You are ready to learn and practice the sacred drum!
✴︎✴︎ Sacred Drumming Academy 101 Foundations
<<<<<<<the foundation for our upcoming>>>>>>>>

Sacred Drumming Academy 202 Facilitators Training!

(to be released in late 2020-2021)
Module 1 & 2
  • Sacred Drumming Academy 101 Introduction to Frame Drumming takes place Feburary 3rd 2020 – March 23th 2020.
  • Weekly content delivered to your private online account.
  • A total of 16 weeks of content will be deliverd via a private online learning protol.
  • Lifetime access – Once you recieve each lesson you can access them anytime and they are yours to download and keep forever


Module 3 & 4
  • Sacred Drumming Academy 101 Introduction to Frame Drumming takes place March 30th 2020 – May 24th 2020.
  • Weekly content delivered to your private online account.
  • 16 weeks of content will be deliverd via a private online learning portol.
  • Lifetime access – Once you recieve each lesson you can access them anytime and they are yours to download and keep forever.

Sacred Drumming 101



4 Easy Monthly Payments

Monthly Payment Plan Includes:

  • Lieftime access to an online vault of Sacred Drumming Instructional Videos, PDF’s & Slideshows
  • 4 Live Q & A Zoom calls
  • 2 Bonus Modules
  • Private Facebook group

*Payments plans starts the day you register. A $50 administrative fee has been added to the 4 month payment plan

Sacred Drumming 101



One Time Payment (Best Value)

Full Payment Includes:

  • Lieftime access to an online vault of Sacred Drumming Instructional Videos, PDF’s & Slideshows
  • 4 Live Q & A Zoom calls
  • 2 Bonus Modules
  • Private Facebook group

*Payments plans starts the day you register. A $50 administrative fee has been added to the 4 month payment plan

Join the
online circle!
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“Sacred Drumming brought me back in touch with my original rhythm and essence and I will be forever grateful for the true, clear and loving way that Krista channeled the teachings of Sacred Drumming. It awakened the deep, subtle and powerful energies of my heart!”

Demaris Wehr


Jung & Feminism

Anne Moon
“The beat of the sacred drum is ancient ~ modern ~ present moment~ heart ‘medicine’ which can help us synchronize in rhythmic coherence towards a more harmonious future”
I’m confident that this program can teach just about anyone how to play the frame drum IF a person participates fully. Which is why I’m offering a 100% Percent Risk-Free Guarantee.
Here’s how it works…
Sign-up today and complete the first module, if after 14 days of playing you are not happy with what you’re learning you can request a full refund.
Registrations will be opening soon! Sign up to be notified of when the Academy doors open.

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