There’s a kind of magic that can happen when we focus on the well being of others. It feels so relaxing to take the focus off oneself and imagine the highest possibility of wellbeing for those we come in contact with.

You don’t even have to have any idea what a person would need to thrive, you can just mentally or energetically send them an oxytocin-induced feeling of support. Often, in turn, you might also feel yourself to be more supported by some unseen force. You might notice you come in and out of the ability to focus on the wellbeing of others, it takes practice, just like many other worthy endeavors.

The yogis have a wonderful word to describe this practice – of the sympathetic enjoyment of other people’s wellbeing, good fortune, and “success” on every level – the word is mudita. Mudita is an ancient Sanskrit word used to describe the feeling of taking genuine pleasure in anything and everything that contributes the highest well-being in others.

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