Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have never been much for the celebration of romantic love, it always felt to me that even for the most devoted of us it is ephemeral and fickle compared to the Universal Love that knows no bounds and exists throughout all times and within all places.

I propose we have a worldwide celebration of Universal Love Day!

Perhaps I’ve never idealized romantic love because I didn’t grow up with any visible examples of harmonious coupling that I can easily think back to. My own parents and most of those I grew up with parted ways on terms that looked nothing like love and not at all like mutual admiration or friendship. Unfortunately, we see evidence of human relationships descending into bitter fighting and distrust, time and time again.

If I sound cynical I’m sorry for the confusion as I am really not, I do believe absolutely that we can live in peace and beauty and egalitarian harmony. I deeply appreciate partnership and am a huge proponent of bonded relationship. I am so grateful for the beautiful connection I have with my amazing life partner, it’s just we need to get whole and connected within our own hearts and souls first.

Maybe my general lack of enthusiasm for Valentines Day stems from an unconscious rejection of the materialistic, consumer culture that tries to sell us the images of love through plastic hearts and corn syrup candies in an attempt to monetize our deep inner longing for true connection. Maybe it’s simply that the offering of gifts has never been my primary love language (offer me affection and verbal appreciation and my heart is in your hands:).

Since becoming a Mother though, I have to say the celebration has definitely grown on me. I have loved making Valentines with my son over the years and to see all the beautiful offerings he comes home with every year from his classmates truly warms the heart. It has definitely given me a deeper appreciation of the innocent offerings of symbolic love.

What has always interested me more then romantic love is the celebration of Universal Love and the idea of celebrating the Divine Love Affair ~ within.

So much of the work of waking up happens from the inside out. In a culture that is constantly trying to seduce a person into looking outside oneself for love and acceptance and even for a place to project ones own inner shadows of hate and fear, it’s a radical act to cultivate and embody the Grand Love affair within.

Yoga has a long and deep tradition of teachings that speak of the Sacred Marriage of complimentary opposites within. Our culture needs these metaphors and the deeper mythos of uniting the polarities within first and foremost, more than ever. So many feel split off and exiled from their own energetic embodiment of both the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine within themselves.

In yogic philosophy the innermost energetic chamber of the human heart is sometimes referred to as the “Bridal Chamber”. It is said to be the place where the opposite forces of life and even gender are reconciled and merged into One.

The image of the yogic heart center is depicted as two interlocking triangles within a 12 petaled lotus flower. The downward pointing triangle represents the Divine Feminine principle and the power of descending Grace and the upward pointing triangle represents the Sacred Masculine principle and the power of ascending Wisdom. The two triangles interlocking becomes a six pointed star with the natural formation of the hexagon in the middle. The hexagon is of course the shape that honeybees naturally make to store their honey.

The deeper mythos of the human heart is often described as an alchemical journey like that of a honeybee gathering the sap of life experience – both the bitter and the sweet, to make nectar in one’s heart.

Our hearts guide us on the souls journey through life’s trials and tribulations. Through the ups and downs, though our successes and failures, fertile and fallow times, through illness and health, connection and rejection, gains and losses, remembering and forgetting, and remembering once again. All the while, our souls are gathering the fertile ingredients to make alchemical nectar of unified wholeness in our hearts.

When we come home to remember and settle into the sacred abode of the unified awareness within our own conscious hearts the beauty of relationship with our beloveds in the outer world are all the more sweet and free, generous and unbounded.

The heart and souls alchemical journey to the inner sanctum of oneness within rewards us with deep inner connection and nectarian peace, we can then more generously offer the nourishing nectar of Universal Love back to the Anima mundi – the heart and soul of the world. ♡

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