Life School

How’s life school treating you? Are you building the unique skill set required for you to feel that you are optimally living? One of my favorite contemplations of late is in reflecting on the wide range of skills we modern humans need in order to fully function and thrive at this thing called living.

It’s mind blowing isn’t it – the many areas of our lives we need to attend to, to feel satisfied, prosperous and inspired in the creation of a meaningful life?!

Many years ago I set out to test some of the theories of Conscious Life Design, to see what kind of a life I could create through the cultivation of my passions and inspirations. Even way back in those days I knew that I was testing the theories and collecting “data” to share with others, those things which I would discover.

This deep inquiry and the discoveries I’ve made along the way are at heart of my life”s work and teaching. One of the things that has been proven to be most helpful in the creation of my own life design has been the practice of working with archetypes, symbols and the creation of a personal mythos.

There is much to say on this subject, but for today I would like to leave you with the encouragement to begin to look at your life in the broader context of your own personal mythos. What this means in part, is to take conscious notice and even begin to “mentally collect” some of the things that attract you and that feel especially resonate with your being. Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things like colors, textures, symbols and story lines. Through the process of refinement you will begin to uncover your unique soul signature and you can then weave that soul signature through your life and offerings to the world, as a beautiful through line.

This is just a small hint for today at one of the key principles that will lead you to a personal connection to deeply satisfied living, through Conscious Life Design.

Here’s to deeper satisfaction and the mad skills needed to rock your personal mythos and master Life School, by your own design!

*If you’re interested in working with me personally as a coach and mentor in the creation of your own Conscious Life Design, please fill out the Embodied Life Coaching questionnaire to see if we might be well suited to work together here

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