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Happy New Year to you! I love marking the cycles of time, celebrating seasonal changes, shedding the past and consecrating new beginnings. Every year I spend time in personal ceremony, active daydreaming and ritual at the beginning of the New Year in honor of bringing things to completion and in honor of opening my heart/mind, and imagination to what is becoming. I love to spend time in front of my altar with sacred smudge, candles and my journal. This year especially, I feel myself extending this process of creative envisioning beyond what I might normally do. I’m taking my sweet time with it all. I’m savoring the creative process – revisiting some of my life goals and playfully imagining what I might like to focus on more deeply this year.
Would you like to extend the practice of setting intentions and envisioning your deeper dreams and goals for a little while longer this year too? Does that inspire you?
By the way, what are you envisioning for yourself and your world? What are your deepest heartfelt imaginings? Are you spending quality time in beautiful daydreaming?
On a quick aside – did you know it’s been scientifically proven that daydreaming and creative visualization both enhance cognitive functioning and brain health? Here’s to more brainpower through daydreaming! Woot! Isn’t that the very thing so many of us were reprimanded for when young, or encouraged not to do? I love it when science confers the obvious and inspires us to get back to things we naturally feel are good and true. I loooove daydreaming. How ‘bout you?
It wasn’t always that way for me. There was a time in my life when I was deep in the throws of self-doubt, creative frustration and the belief that I had to wait for life to somehow present things to me. I felt deeply dis-empowered and had not a clue that I might have a hand in how my life would unfold. I felt I was completely at the mercy of some unseen force or outside factor that would determine the direction my life would go. The searing frustration and dejection I felt is a story for another time, but suffice it to say it eventually all came to a breaking point and the tension finally gave way and began to transmute into soul stirring passion. It didn’t happen all at once of course, it’s been quite a journey. In my own personal mythos, it has at turns felt like like an arduous odyssey, a beautiful daring quest and quite often, a gloriously epic inner adventure.
I have delved deeply into the art and science of conscious life design and self-discovery. I’ve been thoroughly fascinated by the inquiry into the potentiality of creating a life on purpose. Somewhere along the way I decided that I would test the theories. The idea became one of the guiding mottos driving my life – “I will test the theories and discover for myself the possibilities of human potential.” From the very beginning I imagined that I would eventually share my discoveries and teach others what I learned along the way.
I have now been on a 20+ year self-directed course that I long ago dubbed “Conscious Life Design.” I wanted to see if what I had read and been taught was true – Do we have a hand in shaping our lives and creating our own reality? It seems so strikingly obvious now, of course we do! Alas, what is also true is that nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems…but more on that another time.
What I did discover is that every one of us has the opportunity to create a life like a work of art, and it can be a thing of beauty. Most especially, when the soul expression of someone shines through. When a person fully claims and cultivates their unique life expression their very existence becomes deep soul medicine, for themselves and for other people.
In my own quest I feel I have not left very many stones unturned in searching out the knowledge, mentors, guides and teachers that would help me to discover and nurture my own potential. Much of my own desire was to live a life from the inside out. I wanted to explore what was inside first and then see if those discoveries might inform and inspire my outer reality. I can honestly say I did, and they do. Now, it is one of my greatest desires to support and assist others in discovering or remembering their own inner truth and beauty and purest essence too. I believe this inward quest is the most direct route to deepest soul satisfaction, sustainable passion and life enjoyment out there. Haha get it – We’re going in, to find enjoyment without!
There is sooo much more to say about this all and I do hope to create ever more opportunities to share my discoveries with as many people as possible, most especially people like you. I would love that anyone that could benefit might receive deepest transformation and life changing inspiration from the timeless ideas, techniques and teachings I’ve learned and cultivated along the way. My intention is that others will be blessed as much and even more, as I have been lucky enough to be.
I have many offerings for you to choose from coming up in 2016 that are gleaned from the soul of my life’s work. I hope that something here will serve and inspire you, as well as add to the collective zenith of human awakening and planetary healing arising in these times. This is my wish. May it be so. You can take a look at some of the multi-faceted offerings currently on the calendar for 2016 on my events page here.
Most of all ~ I’m wishing you a fruitful, abundant New Year full of love, awakening and your own greatest soul imaginings.

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