As I prepare for my upcoming workshop on the Essentials of Self Care for Women I find myself once again percolating in the contemplation of the high art, of deep self-care. It may seem like a trivial or indulgent subject to some, but on deeper inspection we find that when a woman learns how to naturally care for herself she simultaneously helps to heal and care for the larger world.
The art of self-care is an ever evolving, fluid practice that women can engage in as part of their deeper spiritual embodiment practice.
Modern feminine spirituality is calling out for us to become conscious of how we care for our bodies, our hearts, our sexuality, our emotions, our minds and our homes. Women’s self-care is directly connected to our care for the earth, the environment and even other people, some of who we will never meet.
What we put in and on our bodies has a profound impact on the world around us. How we deal with our ever changing thought streams and emotional tides effects the physiological inner terrain of our bodies and our relationships with others, as well. How we care for our homes effects the greater environment both within and without.
The modern world can often feel harsh, drying, overstimulating, overwhelming, frustrating and stressful. The result for many women is that they may feel deep down inside that they are living and aging in a way that makes them feel dried up, bitter, impotent, anxious or dissatisfied.

One of the great aims of engaging in a conscious self-care practice is the cultivation of an inner life that is delightfully sweet, juicy, sumptuous and deeply satisfied, even while faced with the daily challenges of living and loving.

Yes, easy to say…harder to do! This is exactly why we approach it as a practice.

Just for clarity, this form of self-care has very little to do with the way a woman looks, and everything to do with how a woman FEELS inside. Of course when one feels good, they naturally look more radiant and attractive too. While natural self-care need not be expensive, it is not for the woman looking for a cheap or quick fix.

Self-care is a life-affirming and creative practice much like yoga or meditation.
The ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine speaks prolifically on the immense importance of satisfaction and delight as key components of health and well-being. One of the terms used to describe this state is the Sanskrit word rasa. Rasa is a word so rich in contextual meaning that there is no one English word that we can use to directly translate it. Rasa is sap, fluid, nectar, taste, flavor, essence, satisfaction, lubrication and so much more. Rasa describes some of what we’re going for in the art of self-care.
Can you imagine a world where more and more women are naturally satisfied and at peace within themselves?

What kind of a world would that be? Would it have an effect on the environment? The children? We are most especially taking about the Western woman here since her life choices can have such far-reaching effects on the global environment.
Perhaps the choices we make here will create a “butterfly effect” of empowering and uplifting women everywhere. Did you know the Dali Lama was quoted as saying that “The world will be saved by the western woman”? That’s a tall order, for sure! Seems we’re going to need to be at our best to help the healing of the world, at the very least.
The way you spend your dollar is a political act! How long shall we continue to slather on the synthetic, plastic, manufactured, industrialized, mass produced, micro bead, slave labor, chemical laden cocktail of cosmetic crap? Whoops! Did I just write that?
Ok, back to the high art of natural self-care. A lot of it is really about getting back to the basics, with a modern twist. We have an ancient source of wisdom to guide us and a strong evolutionary impulse that propels us to up level our existence and bring out our very best.

One of the most noticeable side effects of the practice of self-care (did I mention that it’s a practice?:) is that women simply start to feel more inherently satisfied, and who among us couldn’t use a little more of that?
Below is a list of some of the key points we will be covering in the upcoming Essentials of Deep Self Care for Women workshop:
1. Yogic and Ayurvedic theory and practice, focusing on natural ways to cultivate your own inner alchemical pharmacopeia for satisfaction, lubrication and emotional equilibrium

 2. Tools for reawakening and refining the five senses senses for imbibing simple pleasure of all kinds

 3. How to create delight in healing cuisine for deep nutritive metabolism
4. Thoughts on becoming more connected to your primal nature which is inherently beautiful, because it’s natural
5. The importance of balancing periods of deep luxuriation and nourishment with periods of detoxification and reduction

6. The key elements for designing a sustainable home based yogic self-care practice

7. Inspiration for creating opportunities to connect meaningfully with other women as part of your self-care practice
8. Information on Ayurvedic healing modalities and bi-annual cleansing sourced from the 5,000 year-old tried and true wisdom of Ayurveda

9. How to prioritize some of your precious time for taking sweet care of you, which will fill the cup so that you have an overflow to give to others too

10. Contemplations on finding peace in the balance of pure being-ness and the passionate thrill of ever becoming, more of who you already are, at your core
 These are just some of the concepts we will be delving into more deeply as part of our inquiry into the high art of deep self-care.
Are you feeling inspired to take on a committed practice of conscious self-care? One that will surely change your life and just might even help heal the world too? If so, here are a few more ways to connect.
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