When will you know that you actually have and are enough?
Will you always be striving for more?
Will there come a time when you have arrived?
Will you ever feel truly satisfied?

What would it take for you to be deeply satiated with this experience of living?
a bigger house
a deeper practice
a better body
a perfectly matched soul mate
initiation from a guru
a world without pollution or problems
a more illustrious career

Have you always had an idea of what you “wanted out of life”?

Did you contemplate it deeply?
Map it out completely?

Or did you innocently trust your family or culture to tell you what was worth
reaching for?

Has life given back to you all that you needed? All that you wanted?
Will you always and forever want for more?

Have you ever in this lifetime known a moment of “enoughness”? How long did that feeling last?
A year? A month? A day? An hour?

Did you immediately feel the need to
turn around and start striving for more?

What for?

What are you truly striving for?

One more peak experience.
A little more money in the bank.
Internal youth.
Just one more award…

Does your life revolve around the next big or small acquisition or attainment?
Or is there something more?

Will there be a time when you will bask in the fullness of everything you already are…at your core?

When you add another zero.
When the kids are grown.
When you’re comfortably retired.
When you take that next vacation.
When you lose the weight.
When you get one more like.
When you perform at your peak.
When you downsize the house.
When you finally purchase that new car.

Is there something more?

Something so very, closely near
that you might miss it completely
and keep looking
way out far

Don’t miss out!
Maybe what you’re striving for
is actually what you already are

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