Are you thriving like a verdant ecosystem, inside and out?

I love to imagine my friends, clients, students and loved ones thriving. And I take deep pride in helping others to thrive.

What I’ve been noticing lately in myself and amongst my coaching clients and students is that so much of whether we feel like we’re thriving in life or not, really comes down to our state of mind.

Stating the obvious I guess!

Do you ever feel like you’re immersed in a culture that glorifies thinking, doing, achieving and constant problem solving? What ever happened to sensing, feeling, observing and being?

Once in a while we need to set our heart and mind to indigenous time – the sort of time where we allow our instinctual intelligence and senses to take precedence.

We unplug and tune in
to our inner and outer surroundings – sights and scents and feelings, without a whole lot of unnecessary mental commentary.  

It’s about a state of being.

Stop and smell the breezes, and fully taste the flavor, of whatever it is we’re engaged in.
It’s a little like stalking the present moment.

We’ve been practicing this sort of thing a lot on the yoga mat these days. In yogic speak it’s about creating a dharana – meaning focus.
A dharana could be:

your breath

bodily sensations
an inner mantra
sounds in nature
gazing at the sky
looking deeply into someone’s eyes
tracking an insect in flight
zeroing in on the target
watching the interplay of shadow and light.

Yep, it’s a paradox alright. Sometimes we have to hone in and align the mind in order to expand into sensations of essence and pure spacious Presence.

It’s such a very nice way to thrive ~and to come out more alive!
Relax, focus, expand
and give your marvelously over achieving mind ~a peaceful, timeless rest

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