Some of you that have been in my yoga class recently have heard me talking about a big part of my spiritual practice being contemplation. The way I use contemplation in my daily practice is to feel into a concept that has a particular resonance – given what is happening in my life, in the larger world or for someone close to me. Lately, I’ve been contemplating what it is for a person to live life as an authentically self-expressed human being and what it is to create a life of embodied life mastery.

The way I like to absorb contemplative teachings is to roll a concept around in my body/mind – almost like I am tasting it, chewing on it and savoring the flavor. Contemplative practice goes beyond merely “thinking” about something. I love to feel my way into an idea. I savor it while allowing my mind to stay open and spacious. Sometimes, I suck the marrow right out of a supposition and lick it to the very last drop. 🙂 This is an embodiment practice.

Our bodies are highly intelligent in a way that goes way beyond pure mental cognition. We can embody concepts and ideas until they start to digest and assimilate and metabolize into who…we…are. As the old adage goes – We are what we eat and perhaps we are what we think too…

We can delight and be nourished by the nutritive effect of a mouth-watering notion, and some ideas are so good and yummy that they leave a taste of sweet or savory satisfaction. Other mental reflections are purely acrid, after all life is a great buffet – of bitter to sweet and everything in between. Yogic contemplation invites us to acclimate ones palate to the full array and to relax and bask in the fullest presence of mental satiation.

Just as your body begins to feel sluggish, malnourished and dumpy on a steady diet of junk food so too will your mind – if you subsist on a mental diet of junk impressions. And who amongst us couldn’t use a few days or weeks of a mental detox too?

The mind tends to thrive on balanced mental nutrition. So be sure you’re offering yourself up a colorful rainbow of fragrant thoughts and earthy organic ponderings. Try serving up some tasty concepts plated up with a side of novel delights. Most would agree that minds have a particular affinity for the sweetest and healthiest of imaginings and need a good hearty daily portion of everything sweet, as well as powerfully nutritious, to satisfy the deepest mind/body/heart cravings.

By the way, this is key advice for anyone out there who is a teacher, artist or other kind of cultural creative, as well as, for all those who simply want to feel more satisfied with life.

If you’ve ever wondered why some teaching, artistry or other endeavors can feel so dry and tasteless while other offerings are just so juicy and delicious, well, just contemplate the opposite to the above and you’ll know why…

Cultivate the fine art of embodied contemplation with delicious awareness and it will enhance your mental digestion and deepest assimilation and ultimately transmute your simple musings into metabolized wisdom and radiantly nutritive knowing.

That’s our contemplation for today my friends. Chew on that, and savor the flavor of a more full embodied life!

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