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for the art of embodied living


Diverse disciplines weave together symbiotically for the creation of cultural regeneration and mythic living.



Join Krista at one of here weekly classes in Southern Oregon



Surya Soma Yoga Life Enrichment and Teacher Training in Ashland, Oregon


Honoring the roots of Yoga from India.


Hatha Yoga within a philosophical foundation inspired by the traditions of Non-Dual Tantrik Yoga, Shri Vidya and Shiava Tantra


Learn how to play the frame drum and about the incredible ancient feminine history of these remarkable instruments



for initiated living

Krista’s ability to demonstrate entrain and teach the drum without ever losing touch with the sacred, ancient roots of the practice is a true gift. Her class is part of the voice of the ancestress, calling us home to the powerful mystery of belonging to an endless lineage of holy women and mothers.

Jumana Sophia
Founder, Her Mystery School

Krista has an extraordinary gift of guiding the heart/mindspirit/body toward new and profound states of being. Her passionate in-depth teaching abilities have lead me to levels above and beyond any I’ve experienced before. She has aided my whole self toward realizing it’s limitless potentials.

Anna Scheving

Krista Holland’s Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best learning experiences of my life. It was deeply transformational, full of potent knowledge, confidence building and joyful. If you want to become a Yoga Teacher or just want to deepen your practice and enrich your life, I highly recommend Krista’s Surya Soma Yoga teacher training.

Shawn Nasralla

Many thanks and gratitude to Krista Holland for a life changing experience in her Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training! If you want expand your knowledge of yoga, deepen your practice and even become a teacher one day then this is an absolutely amazing place to start. There was a lot of in-depth instruction in this class. I learned so much about the structure of the body and proper alignment. I loved the mix of material that was presented. I felt like these aspects provided me with such a well-rounded education and it really held the integrity of the practice through honoring the culture that yoga is derived from.

C.J. Thomas

The training that I received through the Surya Soma Yoga teacher training was profound. It provided me with a solid set of tools to grow my own yoga practice and to share yoga with others. Tools that I will use for the rest of my life. It also touched me deeply and encouraged and fostered a subtle but absolute growth and evolution of body, mind and spirit. I have much gratitude for my teacher Krista Holland. Her grace, humor, gentle wisdom and authentic intelligence is a blessing to her students.

Blossom Bluesky Staples

Krista Holland is an extremely gifted teacher whom embodies the genuine role of teacher in a way that is worthy of the trust of any yoga student. Under her guidance I have transformed my relationship to my own body and it’s capabilities, as well as navigating my personal dharma within a yogic context. She is particularly unique in the way that she facilitates this blossoming with her kind and compassionate feminine nature, which invites her students to meet her where they are at along the journey, and by inspiring them with creativity within the conversations of yoga.

Anne Moon

I had been waiting for a few years to take a 200hr course but couldn ‘t seem to find the right fit until I found Surya Soma School of yoga with Krista Holland. the way that she brings everything into a teaching classroom is beyond what I dreamed. The level of spirituality brought forth was spoken from a true mystic, easily digestible and able to apply within the practice, teaching, and for creating a happy healthy lifestyle for your self and also how to provide a safe container for those choosing to practice with you. Thank you so much Krista for all the work you did in creating such School.

Cassidy Cheyenne Smith

Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training is a truly mythic yogic initiation for those who feel called to hone in on embodied Hatha yoga practice as well as be in service to their own unique Dharmic path. I gained not only physical strength & a holistically informed yogic tool-kit as a seasoned dancer, but also soul empowering clarity on my dharma as a spiritual guide. Krista is an extremely wise, compassionate & well-rounded instructor. She creates a learning environment of sacred invitation to go beyond fascia & bone and into the depths of soma & soul.

Brook Alyssum Underwood




These diverse disciplines weave together symbiotically for the creation of cultural regeneration and mythic living.




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